Talent is the most precious wealth of the company. To help staff succeed in the company, the management layer provides them with strong working support, favorable salary and welfare, elegant and attractive garden landscape and networked office facilities.
Talent brings the greatest development opportunity to the company and the company provides the most suitable platform for talent. The constantly developing company longs for the joining of excellent ones. Making ourselves better and becoming outstanding are our common pursuit. Let’s create a bright future together.
Under the principle of “Choose People According to Post”, the company implements open recruitment, fair competition, and merit-based enrollment. It selects talent with appropriate ability and above so that each staff can fully display his own talent. 


HR contact  Ms Gu


ADD:No.4 Building, No.1151, Xingxian Road, North Jiading Industrial Park, Shanghai TEL:021-59968555 FAX:021-59968633
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